Me, Myself and I

Name: Chris Onis

Birthdate: July 7

For personal reasons, I won’t use my real name in this blog. But for those who know me personally, hi!

I am a normal teenager, but its how I think that sets me apart from the norm. I have weird tastes and is not the girly-girl you would expect. I’ve had a taste of both the good and bad life, I’m mostly a “good” girl in the sense that I have no vices, but recently during my high school years that I have found and nurtured the rebellious side of me.

I love reading stories, watching movies and sleeping (a  personal favorite). I’m not a really social person, but I’m really nice when you get to know me.  I made this blog as a reflection of what’s going on in my mind, both good and bad. I have no intention of pleasing you, so if whatever you read here upsets you, then by all means, stop reading.

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